The Book of Signs is a collection of the top 100 signs followers of Jesus need to know so they can stick to the trail. It is not the advice of a lone tracker, but rather it is assembled from the collective wisdom of 229 followers of Jesus who generated this list of signs via crowdsourcing.

Dr. Ingram has remained true to the crowd’s recommendations and written brief reflections for each of the top 100 signs contributed, even though some of the trail markers might make Jesus followers a little uncomfortable.

Followers of Jesus will find the Book of Signs a valuable fieldbook and trail guide to help us better discern the presence of Jesus so that our trail never goes cold.

And so, The Book of Signs is a book like no other. A Crowdsourced Field Guide for Followers of Jesus.

I was fortunate to contribute a chapter to this work. Signs of the Times is a unique offering to those who wrestle with the mash-up of ministry and culture. All of the contributors have found success within their ministries, and yet most do not minister to thousands on a weekly basis. Additionally, all of them have had the privilege of studying directly with Dr. Leonard Sweet.

Despite having authored more than fifty books, Sweet can still be a bit of an enigma. Many of his readers have been deeply influenced by him, and yet they may still struggle to understand what his insights might mean for their ministry. Each of the contributors to this work thoughtfully engages with a key idea that they personally learned from Sweet and they translate it for ministry in the early twenty-first century.

Remaining true to one's calling is difficult. A variety of factors tend to distract us as life gets in between us and who we are called to be. This is true for us as individuals and it is true for our this case the Church.

The New Normal takes a look at the Church from the perspective of a medical diagnostician as it investigates the symptoms and causes of decline the Church is currently experiencing. It then proposes a pathway toward rehabilitation through our reconnecting with the way and truth of Jesus that leads to a vibrant life not only for the Church but for us as individuals.

For Pastors, The New Normal is an invaluable tool to help re-engage your church in service to your communities.

For individuals, The New Normal serves to remind us that true happiness and fulfillment of our calling is found in living lives that make Jesus known through serving those around us.

Here is a link to an in depth review of the book.

Click here to listen to a podcast interview of Tom Ingram by Todd Littleton of the Patheological podcast where they discuss The New Normal and it's implications for the Church.

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Another unique aspect to this book is that it now has a soundtrack. Each of these original soundscapes are designed to serve as background atmospheres to acompany your reading of each reflection. ©2017

Soudtrack for The Book of Signs

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I was fortunate to contribute a chapter to this work

The insights in these 90+ essays are nothing short of inspiring! Their tips on best practices for social engagement, time management, social media as a resource for scholarship or creativity, technology and pedagogy, etc. will help readers tremendously.

Whether the reader is an armchair theologian, a professional scholar, a graduate student, or simply interested in how social media is changing religious and philosophical studies, that reader will find Theologians and Philosophers Using Social Media of great help.

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