crowdsourcing christianity...

Crowdsourcing creates an economy that is built upon the power of the idea. It has a way of negating or ignoring pedigree, race, gender, age and qualification as ideas rise and fall based upon their merit rather than being vetted based upon the hierarchical position of the one proposing the idea. Good ideas rise to the top. Bad ideas sink into oblivion. For our application, this process minimizes hierarchical and institutional bias while giving voice to the priesthood of all believers on this topic for perhaps the first time.

As Christians, if we accept the presence of the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ, then any attempt to invite the Spirit to speak through that diverse body should be both encouraged and embraced. Crowdsourcing in this sense becomes an opportunity for us to tune our ears to the voice of the Holy Spirit speaking through the body of Christ as this body attempts to work out how we best manifest Jesus on this earth.

I have several crowdsourcing projects underway. Please click on the images below for more information.

Also for a more in-depth investigation into crowdsourcing and the church please check out my articles on Patheos. 




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